Compression Garment Tips During COVID-19

Please note: the provincial government has suspended all processing of Assisted Devices Program (ADP) applications for the time being.  No new applications are being accepted at this time.  We are unclear when processing will resume or what effect it will have on obtaining your compression once things return to normal.

  1. If you are due for new compression garments, please continue with the ones you have for now as most often they can be worn for 6 months. If they are no longer working to control your swelling, consider using bandaging again if needed.
  2. If you already ordered compression but haven’t received it, please call your fitter and leave a message. ADP has given permission to fitters to mail out orders so social distancing can occur.
  3. We have been in contact with all the fitters we deal with on a regular basis and have asked them to mail orders out once they arrive at the store.
  4. We have been in contact with the manufacturers and they have assured us that they are still operating for now. There is very little human contact with the garment during the manufacturing process as they are all machine sewn.  At this time they are also taking extra precautions.  As such,I still suggest that you wash all garments received before wearing them.